Via Kent Lundberg:


Complete Street on Commercial Drive? Preliminary Report


In an effort to support a complete street on Commercial Drive, we spent September and October conducting activity observations. To gauge the impact of a separated cycling lane on Commercial Drive, we looked to Union Street as a precedent due to its similar mix of commercial and residential activity.

Our main finding is that people experience most of their time on Commercial Drive as a pedestrian, including people that drive and park. When compared with Commercial Drive, Union Street moves four times the number of people cycling but maintains the same proportion (%) of people shopping and staying. Union Street is also able to support its businesses with one-fifth of Commercial Drive’s vehicular traffic.

We also documented some of this activity through simple timelapse videos.


Union and Main – Time-lapse #1


Commercial Drive and 3rd


Our preliminary findings and data have been published in a short four-page report:

 Slow Streets – Commercial Drive Preliminary Report