A crash has closed the Lions Gate Bridge and Causeway in both directions.

11:30 am:



Thousands impacted, unknown delays, few options.  Perhaps even a loss of life.

Will those impacted now be voicing their frustration and anger on social media?  Will there be a call for a review, given the repeated incidents on this critical piece of our transportation system?  A demand that salaries and bonuses of senior executives be cut until there are no more instances of such failures?  A condemnation of the incompetence of the Ministry of Transportation?

No, of course not.  This was an accident, likely caused by an individual.  What can you do?  Maybe spend more, as we did before, to widen lanes.  Or perhaps build a new bridge or tunnel as an option.

But in the end, it won’t matter.  This kind of system failure – minimized where possible, but inevitable – is the price we pay for the freedom of the road.

It is also an incredible double standard.