Ken Ohrn sends in the latest.  First the crazy good:

Here’s the intersection of Stephens, looking east along the new Point Grey Road.   It is replete with a bicycle turn lane for those heading south.  Yowie!  Crews were out in several locations, working on roadway markings for the new PGR — and here are some samples.




And here’s something that drives me crazy.  After all the effort and all the work and all the nastiness (that still exists) in order to get safe cycling infrastructure, this person rides on the sidewalk and not the bike lane.  And yes, I watched as she skirted the recycle bin, garbage can and pedestrian before continuing on her way.



  1. The biking on the sidewalk next to bike lanes drives me crazy too!

    I have taken to saying something like “try the bike lanes, they are awesome!” with a smile on my face. I hope I am helping 🙂

  2. I can’t understand why anyone would ride on the sidewalk when there’s such an appealing option beside it.

    During my first week of bike commuting I’ve been trying a variety of routes. Eastbound I’ve settled on 3rd, Stephens, York because it’s the shortest route. Westbound there’s 4 block long hill on York up to Larch so I’ve been taking a “scenic route” through Kits Point and the park to PGR. It’s quite a bit longer, but much flatter. I tried taking the direct route along Cornwall one afternoon, but ended up exhausted from fear and the effort of trying to maintain good speed amongst impatient drivers.

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