Trust PT readers to come to the aid of an editor: I asked whether there were any up-to-date cycling statistics on the City of Vancouver’s web site (’cause I couldn’t find ’em.)  But alyssum could – and here they are:




All the numbers up to March 2014 for the Burrard Bridge, Dunsmuir Viaduct and the separated bike lanes – at this web page.

I’m sure there are some interesting trends and aberrations to be found in those columns.  And that’s a challenge for those who enjoy delving into numbers: Reveal to us in graphic form what is happening in Vancouver, particularly after comparing us to the Portland chart below.  If there are other sources, particularly of cycling use on the bikeways and seawall, all the better.


  1. I would be interested in seeing transit route ridership correlated with the marked winter decline in bicycle traffic. My guess is that Translink farebox suffers as the weather improves, as most cyclists wouldn’t be spending money to keep a car solely for winter use.

    1. It might be hard to distinguish between the fair-weather cyclists and the general uptick in transit use after September, when children are back to school and vacations are over.

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