1. And some interesting effects as layers of the new skin go on

    Utter rubbish. Bellying up to failed architects does not make good architecture Gord! Stop encouraging sleaze! Ugly is as ugly does . . .

    Its time to stop making excuses for the lack of talent and rampant disregard for well placed sensitive urban design.

    Small minded petty people who operate under the guise of, the now redundant title architect, aided and abetted by their Victory Square snake pit, need to be pulled back.

    Be it Marine Gateway’s Busby, Oakridge’s Henriquez, Cheng’s Eaton’s or that C$90M heap of building materials foisted on Surrey by the insensitive obsessive Thom.

    All these names share one thing in common, they are incapable of thinquing in unity (i.e. “thu party-wall”), and that is the most important element in urban design.

    Add to that the “sustainability” (Second law of thermodynamics: nothing is sustainable!) sales pitch and you have yet another con!

    Time to close down the snake pit on Victory Square and that’s only the beginning!

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