Here are Microsoft’s soon-t0-be new Vancouver offices  – basically on top of the Canada Line station, in the heart of the city (map here):



Here is where Microsoft used to be located – a business park next to a freeway interchange in Richmond, in the heart of nothing  (map here):



Microsoft is expected to employ 400 at the downtown location.  In other news, the Sun reports that the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant proposed for Squamish is estimated to employ about 100 people.

Not that this is a case of either/or – but it needs to be asked: why is the Premier so gung-ho on the jobs related to LNG plants, which may or may not materialize in the future, but has nothing to say about the jobs – here today – related to transit.  And, further, is prepared to put the region’s future at risk with a vote on transit expansion, while at the same time approving (without any requirement for a vote) another low-priority bridge that will lead to further sprawl in the Okanagan?