It’s the Vancouver seawall, of course – No. 6 in Lonely Planet’s 10 best hikes within an urban area:

Seawall 1If you want to see the best of Vancouver, you need barely stray off the 22km seawall. … If you need to shorten things, consider the 9km section around Stanley Park – the sunsets are just as good from the logs on Third Beach.

The City of Vancouver website has a seawall map here.

More here.

No. 1?  Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro.

And yup, that seems right:


Brazil’s first national park, the world’s largest urban forest, smack bang in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

More here.


  1. And just think of what the rating would be if we did the obvious and extended the seawall from its current end in False Creek out to UBC. And, while we are at it, we need a seabus route from UBC to West Vancouver.

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