Regardless of the wording, the  campaign or the outcome of the referendum, the conclusion should not and cannot be ‘No more transit’ for Metro Vancouver.  Matt Taylor’s video does a good job of explaining why.

Now, even before the wording is chosen, let’s make a New Year’s resolution; let’s all agree that the referendum will not be about whether transit will proceed.  Our future depends on transit, our region will continue to be shaped by it, there must be proper funding.

The transit referendum can be about choices, just not no choice.

Indeed, if there is an illusion that such a possibility exists, if ‘None of the Above’ is a viable choice for funding options, then maybe the best strategy is for an overwhelming majority of citizens to vote ‘No’.

A near-unanimous ‘No’ vote would send end a message to the provincial government that a referendum is fundamentally unfair when it deals only with transit, and only with Metro.  That it is unjust to put at risk our already chosen future.  And we reject it.

So no matter whether there is disagreement about the projects, the technology, the priorities, the funding mechanisms or the politics, we will all agree on one thing: ‘No’ will not mean ‘No More Transit.’  What it should mean is ‘No More Referendums.’