Following the transformation of Pacific Centre, here from the north, with a screen capture at the time the mall was being rebuilt:




November 9, 2013:



From the original renderings, I hadn’t fully appreciated that James Cheng’s design squares up the curved bay on the northeast corner and makes it part of the Miesien-influenced composition of the TD tower:



Renderings of the final product here.


  1. Gord – Overall a vast improvement. However, I was surprised to see how relatively opaque the Granville facade will be after all this de-skinning effort, at least when seen obliquely as in your photo. The vertical fins on this elevation produce this effect. IMO, a more transparent treatment would have been appreciated, perhaps with horizontal solar controls if need be rather than the vertical elements shown here.

    Further, I wonder what will or has happened to all the old cladding? Will it be re-used anywhere?

  2. As someone who grew up with the window displays of the downtown Woodward’s store, I always felt that Pacific Centre and Eaton’s turned their collective back on the public. The removal of that giant “marshmallow” has been a long time coming.

    Nice job of incorporating a “Bike 2 work” sign into your photo Gord.

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