Job posting: Research Assistant

Carbon Offsets in BC Project

This research project will investigate and analyze the current carbon credit/offset regime in British Columbia, and its contribution to achieving a “carbon neutral” provincial public sector.  …

The objectives of this research project will be to: develop a framework for understanding the role of offsets in climate action plans; assess the overall effectiveness of the PCT; understand best practices and challenges faced by offset programs in other jurisdictions; and to postulate alternatives in areas such as forest conservation.

The research assistant will:

Conduct a literature review of current offset regimes, their rules and regulations. The regimes to be reviewed include the international Clean Development Mechanism, federaland British Columbia regulations. The review will also identify deficiencies or concerns raised both generally and specifically about carbon credit/offset regimes, one example being the recent report of the office of BC’s Auditor General, which addressed the province’s carbon neutral commitments.

 • Conduct a review of the key types of projects that have been funded under carbon offset regimes including agricultural, forest conservation, fuel-switching, energy-efficiency projects, and any relevant others (such as carbon capture and storage).

 • Coordinate a roundtable to discuss strengths and deficiencies in the current offset regime in British Columbia, and to talk about what alternatives there could be to the present program in the province.

 • Write a summary of the roundtable event and work with the project leads on a final report with recommendations for the offset regime in BC.

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