To the list of failed Australian tolled tunnels, we can add a lengthening list of California toll roads:
California: Toll Roads Generate $1.7 Billion In Red Ink
Analysis shows two Southern California toll roads were unsustainable from the very beginning.
The debt load accumulated by the toll roads in Orange County, California is unsustainable, according to a study released Tuesday by the Pacific Research Institute. …
Advocates insist tolling is a superior transportation funding mechanism because it is based on the concept of “user fees” — those who use the toll road are the ones who pay for it. This concept has gone out the window with the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) toll roads, which the report found use an estimated $1.7 billion in taxpayer subsidies. Worse, the roads are deeply in debt. …
The report found that the toll roads have been unable to pay their debt obligations since 2006. Initially, the roads were to cost $858 million to construct. The actual debt load is now $4.4 billion, with debt payments totaling $11 billion over time. The primary culprit is the lack of use of the roads. …
Because fewer people use the toll road, the agencies have been raising the toll rates, leaving both roads among the most expensive routes in the entire nation.
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