Wednesday April 3rd, 2013.
Vancouver Playhouse
Presented by Scotiabank

Introducing Vancouver to itself.INSPIRING IDEASCome and meet some of the remarkable people that make Vancouver a great place to live.
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Anadi Canepa discovering the deep mysteries of the universe at the CERN particle collider in Switzerland.
Stanley Coren helping us understand the powerful bond we have with dogs.
Ilana Labow bringing the benefits of farming into our urban core.
Paul Merrick  designer of some of Vancouver’s most iconic buildings.
David Robertson  fighting to save the endangered languages of Native British Columbians.
Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos a grand master in the ancient art of Japanese Shakuhatchi Flute.
Timothy Taylor one of Vancouver’s most recognized authors.
John Webb revolutionizing heart surgery around the world.7:30 pm  – 9:00 pm
Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton StreetTickets $16.00 online at Tickets Tonight
Pre Salon Dinner at the Playhouse $90.00
$20.00 Cash at the Door
Doors open at 6:30 pm
Public Salon


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