While Khazar Islands (below)  comes across as absurd, if not grotesque, it’s not the only from-scratch megaproject out there.  Here are a few highlighted by Urban Times:

Chengdu Great City:


Just outside the city of Chengdu, China and designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the Chengdu “Great City” will cover just 1.3 square kilometres but will be home to around 80,000 inhabitants. Because of its small size, residents will be able to walk from one side of the city to the other in just 15 minutes. Personal automobiles will not operate within the city, relying entirely on transit and walking or cycling to move around.


Konza Technology City, Kenya:


Konza is planned for Kenya in the heart of Africa just outside Nairobi, the largest city in East Africa. Konza’s goal is to stimulate economic development not only in Kenya but the region as a whole. … The city itself is planned on 5,000 acres, and will accommodate 185,000 residents. A new university will also provide education fro 1,500 students.

But you have to wonder about any vision that would incorporate Montreal’s Olympic Stadium into its rendering.


Tor Bella Monaca, Italy:


… designed by one of New Urbanism’s founder and leading theorists Leon Krier. … Krier is now undertaking his most ambitious project yet, and will put to the test the principles of New Urbanism and how successful its inception can be. Tor Bella Monaca, in the suburbs of Rome, has been designed to replace a social housing complex with a new community housing 40,000 residents. Buildings will be around four stories tall, and streets will be free of cars to allow residents and visitors full experience the pedestrian utopia Krier is attempting to create.

Six more here, including one from Toronto.