Ron Richings passes along a link to this:


Pocket Guide

…. a new edition of this compact presentation of statistics and other info on all things transportation in the USA.  Definitely wonkish,  but also interesting and useful.


Agreed.  So for the next few days, some stats that grabbed my attention.  Like how much Americans spend on personal transport:

Household Expend


Canadians, comparatively, spend $10,452 on average, according to the Canadian Automoble Association.

More on Monday, or you can check out the guide from the U.S. DOT here.


  1. The American data above is for average household transportation spending. The equivalent Canadian stats are here:
    An average American household spends $8,293 on transportation (16.7%). An average Canadian household spends $10,999 (15.6%).
    The CAA stats are looking at the cost of car ownership specifically. Not quite the same as transportation costs as some households are car-free and some have multiple vehicles. The equivalent US stats are here (by AAA):
    It’s difficult to directly compare because of miles vs km differences. But the headline numbers are as follows. The cost of car ownership in the US is $8,946 per year for an average sedan driving 15,000 miles. In Canada it is $10,452 for a Camry driving 18,000 km.

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