Just in case you missed this quote from Sun reporter Kelly Sinoski’s opening piece on Surrey (the first of eight, to come weekly):

Gordon Price, of Simon Fraser University’s City program … noted Surrey’s low density and the original Port Mann Bridge created “motordom,” with families living on large lots, driving to work at industrial  parks or into downtown Vancouver. The transit system, he said, was designed for  the young, old and the disabled — not the regular commuter.

But Surrey has taken steps to urbanize and densify its City Centre and made a  strong pitch for light rail. “Its aspirations are very different now,” Price  said. “That’s where the fastest growth is and what they’re doing south of the  Fraser is more important than what’s happening in Vancouver.”  (My emphasis.)

Guildford, he said, has tremendous potential to become another Oakridge (Brentwood might be a better comparison – GP), with  densification and light rail fanning out across the city. But if transit doesn’t  come soon, drivers would be tempted to stay in their cars, especially with the  newly widened Highway 1 and Port Mann Bridge nearby.

“We’ve got a critical moment to shape the fastest-growing city in the  region,” Price said. “Everybody should get behind Surrey. The stakes for Surrey  are just as high as it’s ever been.”

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