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From Brent Toderian: Top 10 world’s best public spaces

Peace Bridge


6. Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada, by Santiago Calatrava: The single-span helical footbridge gently arcs across the water, sheltering users with a glass roof along its 126 meter length. Adjacent to Prince’s Island Park in the downtown district, the structure will provide pedestrians and cyclists with connecting routes between the urban center and Memorial Drive.


From Scot Bathgate: Why Does This Canadian Bridge Keep Trying to Kill People?

Port Mann Bridge

Ever since it opened in September, this inanimate giant of cold steel has been waging bloody war against the puny humans who use it for their daily commute.

As much as I thought the Port Mann Bridge was excessive, I have some sympathy for its managers.  A bridge is a big, complicated piece of machinery – and screw-ups are always part of start-ups.  It’s true for a bridge as much as a rapid-transit line (remember snow and SkyTrain?)   But in an age of social media and instant branding, there’s also no patience.   



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