Each of us sees our city through a certain lens – filtered by time, place, experience, education, media, family.  Whether ancestor rich or recent arrival, we see it uniquely.

So here’s a chance to see Vancouver through a greens lens:


Shauna Sylvester, the founder of Carbon Talks at SFU, explains to the Georgia Straight:

… the goal of the timeline is to offer insights into why Vancouver has become known as a green city. She says interviews were conducted with numerous key officials over the years, which demonstrated that the environmental ethos goes back decades. “A number of people would say it was the stopping of the highway,” she mentions. “That was the most pivotal point.”

However, Sylvester notes that Mayor Gregor Robertson cited two other key considerations: clean drinking water and the Agricultural Land Reserve. “You know where your water is coming from—and the clarity—and with the Agricultural Land Reserve, you know the parameters of your development,” she says.

The timeline shows all these events – and hundreds more – in their chronological order and in relation to one another, with interactive explanations. 


The timeline is largely the work of students who have come from all over the world – as explained in this Straight article – and now understand aspects of this city, and a particular part of its culture, in extraordinary detail. 

Come join them on December 4 at SFU Harbour Centre, and see Vancouver in a way never revealed before.