Asks Tom Durning, when he read this:

Coquitlam councillors were both shocked and mystified Monday as they read through submission after submission from southwest Coquitlam residents opposing a planned affordable housing project for seniors.

Located at 352 Marmont St., the site is currently occupied by a two-storey duplex. The applicant behind the proposal, the Bulgarian Home Society of B.C., is planning to convert the duplex into a seven-unit project for low-or moderate-income seniors. …

“Some of the comments that have been made that somehow crime in the area will increase . Can you imagine [people] 65 years old and higher will create some crime in the area? My God, that is really reaching,” said Coun. Lou Sekora. …

Though no name is attached to the letter portion of the petition, the person behind the document suggests, “we are very uncomfortable with having affordable rental apartment [sic] in our neighbourhood….”   The petition also goes on to suggest that the area is already subject to incidents of theft and door-to-door scams, and that the addition of the affordable housing units “may increase rate [sic] of crime, over crowdedness.”

“Providing housing for those folks who are on limited income, who can’t afford to stay in their homes or can’t afford market rent . and what you’re saying is you don’t want those people in your neighbourhood?” asked Coun. Selina Robinson. “[That’s] really, always for me, cause for concern.”

At least it’s not a six-storey behemoth in the middle of where people are living.