Agustin contributes:

I’m not sure if this counts as a passerelle but it’s pretty neat nonetheless. And it’s from the same architect that designed the Peace Bridge in Calgary:

From Mimoa:

 L’Umbracle is the entry port to the City of Arts and Sciences (in Valencia). It is shaped by a succession of 55 fixed arches and 54 floating arches of 18 meters high. On them grows climbing plants, which will provide shade along the whole landscaped walk and will give a feeling of a “Winter Garden”.

Planted with native species, palms, orange trees, rock roses, mastic trees, rosemary, bougainvillea, that change shape and colour with every season, create different ambiences over the course of the walk. Inside the structure is an outdoor art gallery, called the ‘Stroll of the Sculptures’ with nine sculptures from contemporary authors.

The City of Arts and Sciences – meant to be Valencia’s answer to Bilboa’s Guggenheim – hasn’t worked out that way.  Story here.

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