Brent Toderian asks the question in his latest column: Does your neighbourhood pass the ‘trick-or-treat’ test?

When it comes to trick-or-treating, walkable communities never fell out of favour. Even in higher density building forms like mid-rises or high-rise towers, if there are front doors along the street rather than blank walls and landscaping, good trick-or-treating is possible.

Here in Vancouver, our walkable streetscapes “by design,” our “podium townhouses,” or more recently our homes with front doors on the street at the base of mid and high-rises, make trick-or-treating a viable option in even the highest densities. Now if only kids could go from floor to floor easily in higher buildings! That’s Door Density!

Ah, but do kids actually show up at the doors on Hallowe’en?  Let us know, Downtown Southerners and Yaletown denizens.


UPDATE: Brent responds to responses.