Sightline’s latest report: Shifting into Reverse –


  • In 2011, per capita gasoline use in Oregon and Washington fell to i’s lowest level in nearly 50 years. Washington residents now consumer 7.3 gallons per week, while Oregonians use 7.1 gallons per week.
  • Personal vehicle travel on state-owned roads has fallen 13 percent over the past decade—a real shift in our relationship with our cars. Young Americans saw the biggest decrease.
  • Gains in vehicle efficiency played only a small role in the decline in gas consumption. Despite higher fuel economy standards, the real-world MPG of the US fleet has only risen risen slightly over the last ten years.

To repeat: gasoline use has dropped half a century!  Almost overnight. Rather like what has happened to traffic volumes accessing Downtown Vancouver – back to 1965 levels.

Yes, many reasons: the economy, technology, changed generational priorities, baby boomers retiring.  But as Sightline asks, why are we still building roads as though it was the 1950s?

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