The City’s VIVA Vancouver initiative – and its partners, TransLink and the DVBIA – have created some new temporary public space initiatives.

Robson pedestrian plaza

Experience an eclectic mix of food on offer by our street food vendors and enjoy a seat right in the middle of the street (June 23- July 16).


Granville pedestrian weekends

Every weekend from June 23- September 3.  Stroll along our vibrant street and watch buskers or participate in some of the cool on-street programming, like swing dancing lessons .


Lunch Meet

Every Thursday in July.  Don’t be shy! Bring your own lunch or buy something from a local merchant and come sit on the street with your working neighbours.

Where: 300 Abbott Street.


St. George St on-street mural

It may be painted but it’s not over yet.  Check out the beautiful first ever mural painted on a street at St. George Street between E 8th + E 7th Avenues.


Parallel Park

New in 2011 but here to stay!  Vancouver’s first ever public curb-side seating structure on E 14th Ave at Main Street.


Urban Pasture

Public curb-side seating structure on the 1000-block of Robson Street.   After a long day of shopping, sit back and people watch!

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  1. I love all this stuff but I am not sure I want to trade these city dollars for repaired sidewalks and graffiti removal.

    1. That dichotomy is only real if you assume that all those activities are net costs to the City. I don’t think that is a valid assumption.

  2. The city told engineering to cut their budget because there was no money. Why is there money for these lovely little pet projects?

    1. Considering you live in Ladner, your concern for how my family’s and neighbour’s tax dollars are spent rings a little hollow.

      1. considering half the taxes in Vancouver are paid by the business community, my comments are anything but hollow.

      2. And yet 5 of the 9 listed ‘partners’ of Viva Vancouver are neighbourhood BIAs. Sounds to me like local businessnes are involved and approving of this initiative.

  3. To my understanding the Rainway painting on the road, was painted collectively by … volunteers. I wasn’t at this event. But there’s a link to a blog post, for the Mount Pleasant Association that was sponsoring/steering this with the City.

    For certain, the design was probably professionally designed, but painting effort…was very little cost to taxpayers. We should be welcoming community public art that has some nominal professional artistic leadership: it is good, cheaper iinvestment dollars.

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