Further to the discussion of congestion and transportation choice, Surrey is trying to take a visionary step by promoting the use of surface light-rail down some of its major arterials – notably 104th Avenue, where the density is already appropriately zoned for transit-oriented development (3.5 FSR – similar to Concord Pacific Place).


But of course, there’s no hope of this proposal proceeding so long as TransLink remains neutered.   The fate of 104 is more likely to be shaped by vehicle traffic trying to avoid the toll on the Port Mann by heading over to the Pattullo Bridge.

Still, it’s a remarkable vision, more typically something proposed for denser, pre-Motordom city centres – like Sydney:

Light rail will unlock Sydney’s potential and strengthen George Street as a transport corridor.  Modern trams will reliably and comfortably move thousands of people every hour – without the noise and delays.

Running every two minutes, trams will make connections to buses and CityRail trains fast and hassle-free.  Wide footpaths and car-free blocks will make walking faster, safer and easier, and provide new opportunities to enjoy Sydney’s climate by dining outside.

What’s fun about the video above is this – a 1906 version of streetcar Sydney – that serves as the predecessor to today’s vision:

Thanks to Howard Levine.