An SFU Lecture presented by Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore, Philosophy, Oregon State University:

Although climate change is a scientific & technological issue, it is also a moral issue, & calls for a moral response. Why has climate-change science elicited such stunning indifference? How can we respond to the crisis in ways that honor duties of compassion, justice, & respect for human rights? How can we discuss these values across differences?

Wednesday, March 21  – 7-9 pm

SFU Vancouver-Harbour Centre, Room 1400


How astonishing that this even needs to be said. A reminder of what’s happening out there:



Richard Miller asks: “Why Don’t We Take Climate Change Seriously?”

When faced with the overwhelming character of these forecasts, we develop coping mechanisms (as multiple studies in psychology and climate change have shown) that shield us from the real gravity of our situation. This is understandable, and to some extent we are all to a certain degree susceptible to this, since a real acceptance of the science requires one to fundamentally revise one’s understanding of the world and one’s responsibilities to it. That is not easy to do.