A pedestrian perspective.




A new year of tours at Mountain View Cemetery:


 First tours on March 25 at 10 am:  
Lorraine Irving (BC Genealogical Society):  This tour will look at the still unsolved murder of Janet Smith and the people associated with the case.
John Atkin (Civic Historian): The Horne Section of the cemetery, to meet the Director of the Australian Geological Survey, the captain of a former Maharajah’s yacht and a leading architect. 
$10.00 per person (cash only)
Rain or shine
Meet at Celebration Hall – 5445 Fraser Street (entrance at 39th Avenue)


The BBC’s Franz Strasser went to Raleigh, North Carolina, where an unsanctioned street sign campaign called Walk Raleigh caught the attention of city officials and pedestrians alike.

Story here.



HOW TO TIE YOUR SHOE LACES (You’re doing it wrong)

From Stephen Rees:

Walking is the most important transportation mode – and therefore the one that we tend to think about least. Let us start with something that I found on the Guardian yesterday. Their story was about the idea that children need to know how to tie their own shoe laces – it rather perhaps they don’t now that shoes have velcro straps. That led me to this talk – it only takes three minutes and it is well worth your time.