I did a piece earlier in January on ‘destination’ videos, used by tourism agencies to feature their product in slo-mo or high-speed but always beautifully lit glory.  Well, Tourism Vancouver has come up with something if not completely different, at least with a local twist:

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Tourism Vancouver’s new destination film uses multiple platforms to send its message — and it’s unlike any promotional piece of its kind. Incorporating a local band and original song, “It’s You… Vancouver” is the world’s first professionally produced destination film in music video format.

The song is performed by Watasun, a Vancouver-based duo whose music fuses urban beats with traditional folk sounds. One-time buskers on Vancouver’s Granville Street, singer/songwriter Adam Bailie and percussionist Reid Hendry now record, produce and sell their own albums, taking inspiration from the city’s diversity, vibrancy and unity.


Barbershop Films has produced, as they say on The Dish, a Mental Health Break – one that makes me soooo long for summer.

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