Miro Cirnetig pens an appreciation of Jim Green and his devotion to opera, along with this suggestion:

So isn’t it time to name a public place in Vancouver’s inner city for Jim Green?

Perhaps Pigeon Park or Crab Park, those green spaces he fought to preserve because he knows they are crucial to a good life in the city’s poorest neighborhood. Maybe Green’s name should be on a street or lane way. Or the square of the new Woodward’s building, the edifice Green helped make a reality and is now a catalyst for the Downtown Eastside’s revitalization without forgetting its less wealthy residents.


  1. I have had the honor and delight of working with Jim Green since the 1980’s, when the Expo 86 World’s Fair displaced Downtown Eastside residents from some SRO hotels which were then renovated for world’s fair customers. For a man passionate about people, place and culture, may I suggest we go a step further and have Jim’s favourite operatic performances in his named space…I am sure the Vancouver Opera Company and operatic students would be interested in performing vignettes. If JIm provides the play list of his favorite pieces for his named space, his vision of culture and community can continue, one musical note in the city at a time. I will be sure to be there listening and thinking of his extraordinary achievements.

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