Long-time residents of the North Shore refer to crossing Burrard Inlet to go to big ol’ Vancouver as heading ‘over town.’  So I’m told.

I guess I’ll find out next week when I’ll be at the new Pinnacle Hotel in the City of North Vancouver on Thursday evening to speak about  City Shaping as part of their OCP review.  If you’re around about there, why not join me?

About CityShaping  www.cnv.org/CityShaping

We are currently in the second stage of a four stage process to update our 2002 Official Community Plan by late 2012/early 2013. CityShaping Stage 1 – Issues and Awareness ran from June through October of this year (for details click on ‘what we heard’ on righthand sidebar of CityShaping website).

A Stage 1 Survey on Issues and Priorities revealed housing affordability and transportation as the top two key issues in the community with highest priority and public safety, financial sustainability and economic development rounding out the top 5.

One question: What does one call going over to North Vancouver if one comes from big ol’ Vancouver?


  1. Can’t answer your question, but growing up in North Vancouver we used to call the North Shore the bubble. Those who spent all their time without ever crossing the bridges were referred to as “stuck in the bubble” or something similar.

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