Price Tags is back.  The old Price Tags, that is – a kind of digital magazine on urbanism.

I used to produce them in pdf format before this blog, beginning in 2003.  (There’s an archive of all of them here.  Thank you, Sightline Institute, for hosting.)  The last one – No. 109 – was sent out on April, 10, 2010 to a list of about a thousand subscribers, with the most recent issues held on my website at www.pricetags.ca .

I’ve been meaning to do others, at a less frequent pace, but … well, this blog must be fed, and it’s just taken over.  However, the pdf format works well to explore a city or theme in long form, typically about 40 pages, with an emphasis on images and just a little print.

See for yourself – here’s Issue 110, based on a study tour to Shanghai last May.



More to come?  Maybe.  I’ve promised Scot Bathgate an issue on Auckland, and if the response is positive to the Shanghai issue, I just might get motivated enough.