Among the winners at last night’s Re:CONNECT Awards – this one, No. 77, was honoured in the Visualizing the Viaducts category:

Viaducts gone!  Let’s realize the dream of our anti-freeway heroes of yesterday with a bold new strategy of parks and public places.  Showcasing history and sustainability, let’s reconnect eastside neighbourhoods and Downtown to False Creek with upper and lower green spaces, museums, monuments and elegant boulevards.  Let’s repair urban rhythms without impacting traffic, with great improvements for nature, recreation, non-motorized movement, views and living.  Why wait – let’s do this now!

Remarkably, it won both a judge’s honourable mention (there was no single winner) and the People’s Choice Award in this category.  Even more remarkably, it was a dream team of local designers and consultants:

DIALOG: Norman Hotson, Principal Won Kang, Designer Gavin Schaefer, Designer Noreen Taylor, Graphic Designer
Beasley and Associates, Planning Inc.: Larry Beasley, C.M., Founding Principal
Jim Green & Associates: Jim Green, Principal Caroline Neufeld, Associate
PWL Partnership Landscape Architects: Margot Long, Principal Derek Lee, Principal JingJing Sun, Landscape Designer

Given the hourly charge-outs these guys could command, this design work may be the biggest bargain the City has ever had.   The winners got a total of $750.


  1. The movement system and open space concepts have been delicately realized in a very thought provoking way. I especially like bringing Georgia Street down to grade (if physically possible), the penetration of water into the fabric, and the “crossover” intersection at the easterly end that normaizes this challenging area and continues into the Flats.

    The less supportable aspects of this submission include:
    1)The wall of massive built form (towers), maybe necessary to pay for the above changes and amenities is, nonetheless, rather disappointing to see.
    2) Not enough attention to the potential Main Street redevelopment at Hogans Alley area. Rather, there is an emphasis of a gree an dblue corridor there. Not bad, but not as good, IMO.
    3) If the SkyTrain guideway were indeed to be lifted, the “fishhook” curve of Carrall Stret could be eliminated and straightened out to False Creek, as the original alignment had it.

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