That thump you heard was the arrival of Fall books, ready for the gift-giving season – and there are a few by local authors worthy of attention for those interested in the topics found on Price Tags.

First up, Peter Ladner’s Urban Food Revolution:

Why did I write this book?

As a former politician and business owner, I couldn’t help seeing urban agriculture as a sort of miracle cure for a vast array of 21st-century ailments: it improves public health, balances diets, reduces health care costs, alleviates poverty, gets people outdoors and exercising, creates local jobs, builds community, excites people, makes cities safer and more beautiful, helps integrate immigrants, reduces our carbon footprint, creates resiliency and self-sufficiency in the face of peak oil, water shortages and soil erosion, and provides environmental education.

So I’ve spent the past two years chronicling some of the best success stories in what amounts to a handbook for the urban food revolution– no recipes, hardly any gardening tips, but lots of great ideas and examples of how people, neighbours and cities are bringing more local, fresh, affordable food into their lives.