Richard Campbell thinks a proposed project could allow for a needed passerelle across Boundary Road.

There is a good opportunity to built for the BC Parkway over Boundary Road as part of a huge rezoning that is being proposed at the intersection of Vanness and Boundary. Likely through a financial contribution from the developer.

The Cityis inviting your suggestions:

The application is for all residential use, although the applicant has also proposed a 33,000 sq. ft. “community amenity space” in the base of the two towers on Boundary Road, which has not been programmed.  Staff are considering potential uses for this space and no decisions have been made.   Community input into possible uses for this area is welcomed.

More here. 


  1. This development is actually quite surprising. It’s one of the first examples in a very long time that I can think of where single family houses are proposed to be knocked down to build a tower, rather than using industrial land or commercial land. Interesting to see what happens.

  2. Oh, back on topic, though. I really don’t understand why that passarelle is needed. I thought generally overpasses over streets were being taken out these days, that they didn’t contribute well to urban pedestrian environments, that they forced people to walk up over streets and gave cars unfettered straight speedways and made drivers less aware of the pedestrians that are still around.

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