On some days, the irony is thicker than others.

Yesterday, Matt Chambers, editor of  The Dependent, sent along “Planting the seeds of a food revolution”:

“[Urban farming] seems a no brainer for me. All my neighbours come and hang out and meet each other. Most of my gardens are places that were a liability. They were just a big weedy area or just a vast area of grass that was being mowed and costing the landowners money. Now they’ve got a garden, they’ve got some vegetables coming in.”

As I was reading it, the tweets came in on “NPA slams city’s vision of wheat in front lawns“.

City council will vote Thursday whether to spend $5,000 on a pilot project to show it’s possible to use grass lawns for small-scale grain production. “I thought Vision Vancouver’s homeless shelters for chickens scheme was as goofy as things could get,” said NPA Counc. Suzanne Anton, who’s running to replace Gregor Robertson as the city’s mayor in November’s civic elections.

From ‘provocative’ to ‘provocation’ at the speed of click.