I’ve got a collection of videos I’ve been meaning to post (including the West Van one below).  So let’s have a bloggy film fest. 

Here’s an award winner:

A Journey into Time Immemorial won the American Design Award for flash websites.  It was a production of Simon Fraser’s Museum of Archeology and Ethnology  and the Teaching and Learning Centre  (credit to Ivana Filipovic and Dr. Barbara Winter, Director of the SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology).

[Journey is] based on the story of Xá:ytem Longhouse in Mission BC in the Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver B.C. – www.xaytem.ca. SFU worked closely with the staff at Xá:ytem to produce this award winning website.

After creating a detailed storyboard, collecting props, and assembling a green screen studio, actors from Stó:lo Nation were brought in to bring their ancestors to life. The final result is an exciting website with seven panoramas dynamically loading sound, video characters, panorama elements and educational content through a Flash panorama engine custom created for the website. We have completely succeeded in transforming a purely museum content into a virtual ancient environment which gives the visitors endless ways of exploring the content and enjoying the animated scenes from the past.