Michael Alexander sent in a response to the Province editorial on cycling (which I ranted about below) – but curiously, they didn’t run it.   So as a public service ….

The photo The Province chose to use with its editorial opposing funding for bike lanes in Vancouver perfectly illustrates why Vancouver needs more safe cycling facilities. Two cyclists riding in a very narrow lane of painted stripes, flanked by four cars, two buses which completely fill their lanes, and another car creeping into the bike lane behind them!

Would a Province editor allow her young teenager to ride in those scary conditions? How many readers would want to see their loved ones in that photo, or be one of the riders? And how many car drivers enjoy this juxtaposition? ‘

The Province argues that we don’t need safer bicycling facilities because not enough people have chosen to use the unsafe ones we have. The popular Seawall routes prove the opposite. But the Seawall is primarily designed for scenic recreation, not for commuting to work or school, shopping or visiting friends. 
If cutting city taxes is the Province‘s goal, we can save even more by building cheap and unsafe roadways. Instead, we should be rebalancing existing roads so that all voters and their children have safe choices for how they want to travel.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a new Streetfilms video on the Burrard Bridge.

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