Paul Hillsdon has come up with another fun idea.

It centers around an urban, Times Square type celebratory setting along two blocks of Granville St.

With two stages set up, one at Georgia and one at Robson, revellers can gather early and enjoy a whole night of live music and entertainment. Robson will be closed from Howe to Seymour, with mobile eateries set up along the street. Projections on the Sears building can summarize the year, as well as show public messages that people can submit through text.

As midnight approaches, revellers can turn to the Sears building, the old clock on the Vancouver Block building, or the two LED screens on Future Shop to begin the countdown. At the 10 second mark, fireworks go off, moving north along Granville from Smithe to Robson. 

 At 12 o’clock, fireworks are set off from the rooftops of several Vancouver buildings in the area, including the TD Tower, the Scotiabank Tower, The Bay, and Sears. The fireworks should be viewable from the North Shore to Metrotown to the Spanish Banks. At the same time, confetti explodes onto Granville as the real party of the night begins.

With a five to ten minute fireworks display, the event celebrates the best music of the year. This transitions into a nighttime street party on Granville, as the lasers lights turn on and live DJs spin tunes till the morning.


  1. The CoV’s plan for the 800 block of Granville is indeed already for a gathering place – that’s one of the reasons that there aren’t any trees on that block (trees with shallow roots could have been planted above the Canada Line station).
    The concept would simply rely on $$$$ for the programming and policing costs (which the CoV is already complaining about for unorganized Stanley Cup playoff crowds).

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