I’ve been meaning to plug this for months:

An independent, self-published, online magazine by a creative writer that captures a sense of the city in which it’s published.  It’s The Dependent.

Matt Chambers is the guy who’s taking the risk.  I met him when he was just starting out with the mag, taking a look at Vancouverism, and ending up with a pretty good history of the West End.   And he’s stuck with it, widening the focus and increasing the number of contributers.

Here’s his two-month summary, with some links to the more intriguing stories:

Hard to believe that it’s been two months since the launch of The Dependent online magazine:

In this short time, we’ve played host to astounding amount of visitors as we’ve achieved a number of major milestones and suffered through an equal amount of major blunders:

Our story about Olympic activists destroying my audio recordings got picked up by Global TV

The Chris James Show has played host to some of the best of local comedy, and amassed over 750 listeners

– We produced stunning photo journals during the Olympics that rivaled anything offered by the legacy media

Confessions of a Lonely, Single Guy has taken us on an entertaining and enlightening journey into the world of Vancouver dating

And there’s more being added every day: new content, layout and contributors, but the overall mission remains the same:

To inspire awareness and participation in Vancouver culture and community.

Matt Chambers