The current issue of Price Tags gives New York much-justified praise for the installation of cycle tracks (fully separated bike paths) on some of its major avenues.

But as Adriana McMullen of Victoria points out, Montreal has had ’em for years.

Montreal seems to be often overlooked in North America, despite being an apparent leader on the cycling infrastructure side of the equation.
Montreal cycle track
Of all of it, it is the separated bi-directional bike lanes that catch my eye the most – the “pistes cyclables”, as they are called in Montreal.

Let’s face it, as much as space and painted lines are a nice separation,  a physical barrier/curb which could prevent a car from sliding into, parking, driving  in the bike lane is obviously the next step in urban commuter cycling infrastructure, signaling genuine commitment.  Montreal represents a fabulous learning opportunity and at the very least some share of the spotlight.