Here’s a study that asks businesses along Bloor Street how they’d feel about losing parking for a bike lane.

Bloor bike lane study

The results are not what you’d likely guess:

 … Bloor Annex [in Toronto] is a very busy commercial corridor ….  The survey data shows that most business owners do not believe that the majority of their customers drive to their business. In fact, only 4% of businesses believe that more than 50% of their customers drive to their business, and almost three-quarters of businesses believe that less than 25% of customers drive to their business. Therefore, according to most merchants (71%), any change to the parking situation in the Bloor Annex would affect at most 25% of their customer base.

Bloor Street

“On the question of installing a bike lane and removing half the on almost 75% of businesses thought their business would improve or stay the same, while slightly more than 25% thought the change would bring in fewer customers.

“On the question of widening the sidewalk and removing parking, the results were almost the same, with only 25% of merchants believing the change would hurt business. The data shows that more merchants think that bike lanes and wider sidewalks would increase business than decrease it.”


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  2. Compare that to the outcry against narrowing Jarvis Street by removng the reversible lane down the middle (approved by TO City Council on Monday) – note how that’s removing one lane to create two bike lanes:

    Toronto Star Editorial:
    Don’t Narrow Jarvis

    Council Approves Jarvis Bike Lanes

    Critics don ‘Don’t Jam Jarvis’ shirts
    Bikes win in Jarvis overhaul
    City council backs removal of centre lane as critics predict backlash by voters

    Graphic of the plan here:

    Also of interest:

    Toronto Star series on Cycling in the City (see sidebar for others in the series):
    Cyclists vs. Cars: Part 1 of 4
    Toronto’s mean streets

    Mandatory bicycle licensing seen as fair

  3. Broken link alert: the link to the study at the top doesn’t work and I’d love to read the full study.

  4. I have to say….I’m a cyclist, and I would DEFINITELY hit up Bloor if there were solid bike lanes / less cars / etc. Till then, I won’t touch it!

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