More geometry at Concord Pacific:


People are moving into Coopers Landing, just east of the Cambie Bridge, west of what’s left of the Plaza of Nations.  As usual, the urban design is more interesting than the buildings.  A mid-block path angles through the block:


…connecting a new road near Pacific Boulevard to where people (or, more importantly, their dogs) really want to be – Coopers Park:


The children’s play spaces are immediately accessible along the public paths:


I’ve often wondered how successful these spaces are.  They’re certainly a testament to the idea of creating family-friendly neighbourhoods, but do they really work?  Typically, the kids can be found in the larger parks, not so much in these smaller playgrounds.   The equipment, however, is becoming ever more springy, the surfaces ever more spongy:


I suspect the kids would be happier in a pile of dirt.

On the other side of Coopers, the Plaza of Nations continues to disappear.  Some of the old pavillion buildings have given way to a surface parking lot for the casino:


A temporary use, I presume.   At least the owners seem to have finally recognized the need for a wide, marked and respected bikeway through their site.  It’s taken years.


  1. Those smaller playgrounds are designed for the under-5 crowd. Any family with older kids will go to the larger playgrounds that have something for everyone. And yes, kids would be happier in a pile of dirt, but these can be pretty fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

  2. I agree with Sungsu… these playgrounds are actually pretty good for toddlers. But more importantly, they send a message to these communities that children are welcome.

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