Not complete yet – but now the primary tower has topped out:

Woodward's Tower

Say what you will about the appropriatemess of a highrise in the Downtown East Side, but at least one of the worst street-end views in the city –

– has been dramatically improved.

Another nice touch by Gregory Henriquez, the architect, are these screens being attached to the Cordova Street facade:


  1. I like them as well, they tie in nicely with the Dominion building down the street. This whole development is outstanding and I can’t wait to explore it once it’s complete.

    G. Hernriquez is probably worried about filling his old mans shoes but he appears to be doing just fine. One favorite local architect.

  2. I also really like those screens, as they break up the monotony of glass on glass. I would just like to see more buildings using less floor to ceiling windows (it provides for better insulation, plus looks less bland).

    But overall, it’s a very well done project, and one I am excited about being finished.

  3. The benefit of the glass is for those living inside (not superficially from the outisde) – they allow much for light to enter – especially during the dark gray winter days.

    As for the trellises, I’ll wait and see what they look like when they get the vines growing.

  4. The trellis screens will be planted with 3 different vines. One turns red, another yellow in the fall and one is evergreen. The “green screens” provide solar shading on the south and east facades as there is no air conditioning and a few screens are placed within the south Cordova facade to help modulate the lower levels of the facade at street level.

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