Yeah, it’s been bad.  Vancouver in June.

But what a loss for the World Triathlon, held this last weekend on the beaches and streets of the West End. 

World Triathlon

I’m sure the organizers were aware of the variable nature of our climate, but they clearly weren’t prepared for the cold. 


It was a great race, especially exciting for spectators who could literally see some of the world’s best athletes mere inches away during the run.


Except, of course, there weren’t a lot of spectators.


And what a shame for both the athletes and the city.  This event could have been spectacular, given the setting, the event and the lead-in to the Olympics.  Watching the cyclists come over the hill on a closed-off Davie Street, seeing Denman filled with uniformed teams of every race, rooting for our competitors in action – just hints of what could have been  a transforming event for Vancouver.


I just hope this won’t discourage the World Triathlon from coming back.



  1. Thank-you for the photo! You have captured our son (Jeff
    Symonds) and our whole family cheering him on! Dad is taking the picture from the other side! We are pretty proud of our “world champion”.

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