Interior designer Mitchell Freedland has an interesting observation in this Globe article when he was asked why Vancouver is at the forefront of condo design.

I think it’s the luck of economy and geography. In the fifties and sixties, our downtown was a dense cluster of high-rises and it was natural to go from the rental market to the condo market.
We started to develop the urban-condo concept a lot earlier than any other centre. Cities like Toronto, New York and Chicago have had great high-rise successes, but we were one of these little pioneers. It was a quiet city that kept growing vertically and suddenly everyone was paying attention.

In other words: we owe it all to the West End.
For another perspective on that eternal question – Does more space equal happiness? – check out Charles Montgomery’s take in this issue of Walrus.


  1. My guess is that parents will sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of their children (running in grassy fields, etc., etc.) and/or spouse. i.e. parents will work multiple jobs to pay the bills or pay for the kids’ education. It’s not necessarily about your own happiness – I guess it harks back to the era before the “me” generation.

  2. I’m kind o thinking that it’s better to think better to the next generations then to yourself. Humans had only destructive ways of living so far. This must end,for the sake of our children. Parents must sacrifice for their kids!

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