IanWasson, the urban-design planner in Burnaby, sent along a rendering of the Busby-designed bike bridge for one of their urban trails.  Detail here.  He also noted that another bridge was on its way – this one designed by Patkau Architects, award-winning architects in this region.  They were doing up a design for the Winston Overpass along the Central Valley Greenway, but it hadn’t yet been appoved.
Good news: it has.  And here’s what it looks like.
Patkau 2
Patkau 1

Architectural concept by Patkau Architects Inc.

Engineering and Project Management by Delcan

Landscape Architecture by PWL Partnership


  1. Okay, you are hyping the bridge, so I can be a critic I suppose.
    The metal work above the deck looks like bird poop central to me. Aren’t there millions of crows that congregate in that area? I guess bird poop washes off goretex easily though. I’m sure folks will love wandering over the road and rail, dancing amongst the damp concrete and dripping steelwork, nimbly missing the bird droppings.

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