Oh boy, things are changing when the Bush administration tells Los Angeles they should seriously think about congestion charging:

To reduce traffic congestion, the Los Angeles area needs to experiment with charging motorists to drive in special freeway lanes during peak periods, a Bush administration official told the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board Thursday.
Tyler Duvall, assistant secretary for transportation policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, said congestion pricing can improve the flow of traffic by giving motorists the option of paying a fee to travel faster during peak periods.

More here.


  1. Enforcing their immigration laws would also greatly reduce the number of vehicles on the freeways of L.A. Conservative estimates put 1.3 million illegals in L.A. county alone.

  2. the article states
    “Studies in Los Angeles and elsewhere have shown that a significant number of those driving during rush hours are not commuting to or from work, and might be willing to shift their travel to off-peak hours if faced with a fee”
    according to The Urban Mobility report
    puts LA among the worst for commuters. i’m curious who is sitting (parked) in traffic when they do not need to be.

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