Admit it, as much as we may admire the winners of prestigious architecture awards, what we love are the losers – those projects so bad, they are worthy of their own kind of recognition.
Hence, the Carbuncle Cup. 
Launched last year by “BD” – an architectural website in Britain – “the Carbuncle Cup is to the Stirling Prize what the Golden Raspberries are to the Oscars.”  This year’s nominees are here
A sample:
Carbuncle 1
It’s Opal Court in Leicester, by Stephen George. 
And another, “More London,” an office complex by Foster and Partners:
Carbuncle 2
It was nominated by Edwin Heathcote, architecture critic of the Financial Times, who writes:

Reasons to hate More London: More Toronto, Less London. Corporate facelessness, slick and facile glass and steel in a sea of ill-conceived and sinister public space, all CCTV, chain sandwich shops and overchlorinated fountains.

More Toronto?  That’s pretty low, Edwin.


  1. I’ve always wonderd why with so many candidates we don’t have a Carbuncle Cup in Vancouver. Likely because local media is waaaay too cosy with the development community.
    First vote goes to: Paramount Place … unsurprisingly named as a finalist in the 2007 Awards for Excellence in Concrete Construction

  2. The original plan for the Paramount site was a project of 3 towers by Busby & Associates – which probably would have turned out similar to the More London project above – sleek, modern glass and steel. What we got was a project by Rafii & Associates sporting the typical biege concrete and attempts to soften the massing (likely a response to complaints about the blank facade opf Sears, which I don’t mind).
    Personally, I would have preferred a uniform modernist sculptural treatment of the upper podium facade rather than all of the fake windows.

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