If the Cheonggyecheon – the daylighted stream that runs through Seoul – was (a) in an English-speaking country or (b) could be pronounced easily in English, everyone reading this blog would likely know of it.   I’d say that it’s the most extraordinary public space created anywhere in the world in this still-young century.
Here are some shots taken by Hye-Yeon Park, an associate at the San Francisco architectural firm of Field Paoli.


  1. What’s wrong with us? Seoul can remove an entire highway, but we can’t remove two unnecessary lanes from a bridge.

  2. With Canada Line construction and the narrowing of the Cambie Bridge from 3 lanes each way to effectively one lane each way, Granville Bridge seems to be taking the extra load quite well (from the office, I can see more traffic on the bridge during rush hours than I used to).
    I would think that Granville could easily take any extra load from a narrowed Burrard Bridge.

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