Ever tried to find a detailed map of the Agricultural Land Reserve for your region?  As far as I know, there’s nothing on the web that would show at a glance, for instance, the ALR lands south of the Fraser. 
That’s not the case in the Victoria area – thanks to Ray Zimmerman:

Zimmerman, best-known as an environmental activist with the Sea to Sea Greenbelt Society, has collaborated with a cartographer in producing a series of maps showing, municipality by municipality, the changes to the land reserve since it was implemented in 1974.
His intent is clear: Demonstrating how much valuable farmland has been squandered, lost forever, even as predictions show we will need more land under cultivation, not less.
“It’s really outrageous, what’s going on,” says Zimmerman, adding that he is ticked that it was left to a couple of guys working on their own to come up with maps he believes should have been produced by government.

The maps are on line here.
Saanich ALR Map

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