Rick Balfour’s proposal for a forum at Jericho in Point Grey provoked the expected reaction: here.  But it also drew reaction from Joe Thompson.
Joe Thompson
Joe is a truly civic-minded Vancouverite.  (If there’s a public meeting or debate, chances are, you’ll see Joe.)
As a resident of CityGate, at the east end of False Creek, Joe has come up with a vision for an amphiteatre tucked into the park next to Science World.
Amphitheatre at False Creek

 The semi-circle of tiered seating, focused on a shared event is a classic form.
There is a curve of hill here in town which seems to me to be calling out for seating to an audience’s engagement. It is beside Science World. A landscaping berm in Creekside Park, in Vancouver, has an open curve facing towards the building’s north-east wall. It is about a dozen feet high (~3.5 metres), and about 50 feet wide (~15 metres). Terraced with seating it would hold about 50 to 80 people.

Lots more at Joe’s website here.


  1. I heard there already is a plan for an amphitheatre (heard within the context of new facilities to accommodate the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, that Vancouver Parks was planning it and it will be a good viewing spot for the dragon boat races when competed.)
    Not sure of the location, but it would be somewhere at the east end of False Creek – i.e. could be on the undeveloped park site where Cirque erects its tents.

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