John Burke: the Al Gore of the bike trade?

Interesting take from an industry insider on why cycling is posed for a new boom. And if you’d like to know how that might impact Vancouver, join us tonight for:
Preparing for the Third Wave of Cyclists- Cycling facilities designed for the future cyclists
March 28, 7-9 pm
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Admission is free: reservations are required. Email or call 604.291.5100.
Within Vancouver, cycling for transportation has grown slowly over the past 20 years to a respectable level within North America. To create a step change and cause a new wave of major cycling growth there will need to be changes in thinking towards cycling infrastructure design with trends towards the European approach. Hear more on techniques from other cities within North America and Europe which should be brought to this region to help spur that next stage of growth. Speakers include: Jack Becker, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition; Dr. Hans Groen, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, and Gordon Price, The SFU City Program.
Co-sponsored by the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and the Simon Fraser University City Program with financial support from Translink – The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority.


  1. One thing the City can do to promote cycling is to not enforce the helmet law as strictly. Every time I see video of cyclists in the Netherlands, the overwhelming thing I notice is that no one is wearing a helmet, not even small children. Now I personally always wear a helmet (too many falls requiring stitches), but helmets can be a big turn off for potential cyclists.

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